Here's The Story... opened on August 1, 1995. I had worked for the previous bookstore, The Book Review, since February, 1987 starting in their video rental section and eventually learning the book business.

 In 1993, the store changed locations and in April of 1995, the owner decided to close. 

Knowing that Union Center still wanted and needed a bookstore, I decided to take a chance and open my own ...same location, but, with a new name and look.

In the last 27 years, I have learned everything there is to know about the book business. 
I take pride in giving all my customers, many of which have become friends, the best personal service I can and strive to make each one happy with every visit.  I work closely with the Union Township school system providing books required by teachers for reports, papers, and summer reading requirements.

Having been born and raised in Union, I understand the importance of its Downtown Business Center.  In 2009, I was elected to the President of the Union Township Special Improvement District. I was, also, appointed head of the promotions committee for Union Township in January, 2008.  

I welcome everyone to come and visit Here's The Story Bookstore and if you have any questions or comments, please call or email.  I look forward to seeing you soon!!! 

Joe Leo

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